Collapsible-rent-a-fridges can lower the cost of keeping transported food cool in India where 40% of fruits and vegtables spoil
Net Market Share joins StatCounter as ranking Google Chrome as the king of Browsers
Three exoplanets about the size of Venus and the Earth are the best known targets for life outside the solar system
Hoverboard flies over a mile and another inventor makes a homemade Hoverbike
Google DeepMind analyzing more UK medical data and providing predictive analytics services to hospitals
Technological advances enable nuclear reactors to be constantly updated for indefinite operations
Composite fiber reinforced concrete donuts can be used to repair quake damaged bridges in days instead of weeks
DARPA holographic imaging so soldiers can 'see' around corners, behind walls
Diet and other factors change the bacteria composition in our bodies which changes our health
Google founders say we will move from mobile first to an AI first world
Human Longevity Inc can use only DNA to accurately predict what you look and sound like
Optical Processing Pioneer wins Project with DARPA
Supercopter demonstrators will fly in 2017 but budget constraints will delay mass production until after 2030
All quiet on the Russian-Ukraine front as deaths continue with trench war 2.0
Hypersonic boost glide weapon analysis, flight profiles, detection and early warning
Spacex plans to ramp up to weekly launches by 2019 and twice a week by 2021
China and Russia both successfully tested rocket launched hypersonic gliding missiles
DARPA funds $146 million for spaceplane demonstrator
DARPA awards contracts to develop smarter, faster unmanned and manned armored vehicles
China lending Russia $6.2 billion for Russia's Moscow-Kazan high speed rail project
F35 using open air ranges and simulation to prepare to fight layered integrated air defenses and missiles like Russia's S500
Paramount Pictures has no honor and no right to copyright the Klingon language
NASA and Spacex may land unmanned Red Dragon capsule on Mars in 2018