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Gene Editing could destroy latent viruses in the human body like herpes
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Second careers are an issue now and not just for those who might live to a hundred or more
A Productivity Revolution in China would enable an economy with about twice the growth over the current investment growth model
First person to die in a Tesla car on autopilot was watching Harry Potter movie at time of crash
First person to die in a Tesla car on autopilot was watching Harry Potter movie at time of crash
Artificial pancreas likely to be available by 2018
US Air Force is prepped to test a 60-120 KW combat laser on an AC-130W gunship
Fifth Generation Air Combat - how best to use the F35 and F22
Discovery powerful defense against free radicals that cause aging, disease
US Air force claims seven F35s performed well against eight twin-engine F-15Es in mock combat
China's One Belt One Road is an attempt to physically and economically unify Europe and Asia and $890 billion in deals are a start
NASA’s Juno Spacecraft to Kick into Planned Autopilot for July 4 Jupiter Burn
Home IMAX theater starts at $400,000 versus average regular private home cinema rooms at $30,000 to $100,000+
Japan shooting for exaflop supercomputer using ARM processors by 2020 using nearly $1 billion budget
LPP Fusion can consistently achieve the ion energy to ignite hydrogen boron in an average shot
US research make progress to supercavitation submarines able to go thousands of miles per hour
Progress to restoring vision for sufferers of retinal disorders
Recent Hydrothermal Activity May Explain Ceres' Brightest Area
Tesla motors rumored to have a $9 billion joint venture for a new factory in China
Russia's 152 mm tank gun could penetrate 1 meter of armor
Next generation German and French main battle tank will use new 130 mm tank gun to defeat Russian Armata tank
History and Future of Laser Pushed Sails which have a clear technology roadmap and $100 million in funding
Spacecoach concept is to use urine and gas as propellent for electric engine propulsion for long duration space missions to reduce mass by 20 times