Not just automation but other economic forces have been reducing labor participation for decades
More than Moore's law strategy for computer industry
Uranium and nuclear energy
Spacex planning to launch every 2 to 3 weeks and achieve 70% landing success rate in 2016
DARPA launching robotic sub hunting ship on April, 2016
3D NAND flash chips will mean 3.5 TB SSD the size of a pack of gum and over 10 TB for 2.5 inch SSDs
Brian Kesinger mashup of Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars the Force Awakens
World data transmission speed record of 1.125 Terabits per second
Rabbit brain defrosted from cryopreservation without damage
DARPA converts Stent into strentrode for recording neural activity
France has a €100 billion nuclear reactor upgrade bill
GPS data combined with inertial sensor data with vastly improved computational algorithms for real time centimeter accuracy
KC-46 on track for delivery of 18 operation planes by August 2017
Artificial intelligence researchers claims sentient creativity machines will be made within 5 years
Funding battle between F35 stealth fighter and long range strike bomber
China is nearing completion of the high temperature pebble bed reactor and will test it before generating power starting about Nov 2017
20 firm orders to Aerion supersonic business jet for delivery in about 2023 so the wealthy 0.1% will fly twice as fast as others
Risks of seasonal outbreaks of Zika Virus mosquitos in southern
Physicists detect gravitational waves from colliding black-holes
Russia and Iran appears close to handing a military victory to Assad in Syria
Thailand is considering a polywell fusion project
Athletes may skip Olympics in Brazil over concerns over Zika Virus causing deformed future children
US National Intelligence classified Genome editing as a weapon of mass destruction
Chinese experimental nuclear fusion reactor contained a 50 million degree plasma for 102 seconds