Interview with John Bucknell about his Airbreathing nuclear thermal rocket design
Aircraft carriers, submarines, tanks, lasers and Emdrive were the top posts in July
Sri Lanka is the first country to sign up for Google Loon
Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta Megaregion
IARPA funding for improved Quantum Computer Qubits and Quantum error correction
Nuclear Thermal Turbo Rocket with supercharged air augmentation
Indonesia wants China to build Indonesia into an Asian production base
CRISPR Genetic Engineering Advance, Scientists Successfully Edit Human T Cells
Intel and Micron have new class of non-volatile memory that is 1000 times faster and 10 times denser than NAND Flash memory
GE describes its vision of next generation robots
Deep Genomics applying Deep Learning AI to genomics
Share of births to unmarried women dips for the first time since 1995
World births and migration
World births and migration
After rising for decades, American calorie consumption has declined and Obesity rates are stabilized or improving
More Nuclear Reactors completed and planned for South Korea, China and Iran
Russia may put lasers on some Armata T-14 tanks and plans new missiles in Baltics
Haze and Flowing Ice on Pluto
Currently Quantum computers might be where Rockets were at the time of Robert Goddard
New Horizons Discovers Flowing Ices on Pluto
China selling more military equipment to South American countries
Pakistan will buy 8 Yuan Class Type-041 diesel electric submarines from China
New night vision gear allows Soldiers to accurately shoot from hip