September 18, 2013

US crude oil production at 7.827 million bpd

US crude oil production have reached another new post-1989 record of 7.827 million bpd.

All liquids oil production is at 12.395 million bpd
Crude oil and natural gas liquids is at 10.325 million bpd
Crude oil and natural gas liquids and ethanol/biofuels is 11.243 million bpd.
Net oil imports are at about 6.2 million bpd which is about half the peak levels in 2005.

Saudi Arabia has been producing about 11.5 million bpd of Crude oil and natural gas liquids while Russia has been at about 10.3 million bpd.

Crude oil production for the leading three countries
Russia 10.0 million bpd
Saudi Arabia 9.6 million bpd
USA 7.827 million bpd

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