March 19, 2012

Carnival of Space 241

The Carnival of Space 241 is up at Starry Critters

Discovery News - Asteroids: they're big, scary and can kill millions. Nuclear weapons: they're big, scary and can kill millions. Wouldn't it make sense to unite the two?

Centauri Dream's Paul Gilster takes a look at the latest Kepler results in light of what may be a discouraging trend for those hoping for abundant terrestrial planets.

The Meridiani Journal - Is Kepler getting close to finding another Earth?

Nextbigfuture - If string theory is true and universal inflation is true then traversable wormholes are possible without exotic matter or negative energy

Nextbigfuture - A summary of several older NASA papers on using nuclear fusion for interstellar propulsion

Nextbigfuture- DARPA is developing on-demand satellite imaging for soldiers

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