December 14, 2011

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hearing has charged testimony

The House Oversight hearing on the leadership of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is today

The word from tweets and emails is that no one is playing nice at the hearing and the testimony is "hair raising".

It appears that compromise will not be possible and that either Jackzo or the four other commissioners will have to go or all of them will be replaced.

Science, Space, and Technology Committee Vice Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Paul Broun (R-GA), and Energy and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Andy Harris (R-MD) issued the following joint statement calling for Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chairman Gregory Jaczko to step down from his post.

Twitter feed with has tag #NRC

ekoppWFED Emily Kopp
#NRC Commissioner Magwood: Jaczko’s behavior “extreme,” esp. to female staff, one "brought to tears." Both are Dems.

ekoppWFED Emily Kopp
#NRC staff told Commissioner Kristine Svinicki, “We were instructed to leave our brains at home,” by Jaczko, she tells House Oversight.

nationaljournal National Journal
Commissioner: #NRC Chair Jaczko verbally abused female employees

DHBerman Dan Berman
Gregory Jaczko colleagues tell of secrecy, 'verbal assaults' - Darius Dixon -… via @POLITICO #NRC

NRC commissioner say Chairman Jaczko damages nuclear agency #nuclear #NRC

This is related to the conflict between the NRC chairman and the four other commissioners.

The White House had issued an apology and tried to defuse the situation, but apparently the situation has not been defused.

Dan Yurman twitter feed

djysrv Committee has recessed. @djysrv coverage ends about 1 hour ago

djysrv Rep.Issa: Current hearing is not good for #nrc, "just fodder for press" about 1 hour ago

djysrv Rep. Cummings: When all of this is over, you have to go back to work. What happens then? about 1 hour ago

djysrv Rep. Cummings: Asks Jaczko if he can control his temper, allow staff to send "frank views" to commission, he says yes about 1 hour ago

NuclearDiner Rep. Cummings (D-MD): We're better than this. #NRC about 1 hour ago

djysrv Rep. Cummings: Can't believe what he's been listening to during hearing. Tells Jaczko not to quit

djysrv Dan Yurman
Ostendorff reminds committee he was captain of nuclear submarine

Rep. Issa: asks 4 commissioners to defend themselves against nuclear industry "lapdog" charge

Jaczko again says he has no intention to resign

Rep. Issa: Clear Jaczko makes no apology for his management style

Rep .Labrador: Lecturing Jaczko on "management style" "you need to admit you screwed up"

Rep. asks 4 commissioners about hostile, intimidating behavior; all four answer "yes"

Rep. Issa says Jaczko "usurped" powers of other commissioners invoking emergency over #Fukushima

Jaczko says he is comfortable with actions taken on #Fukushima #nrc

Rep Chaffetz: Sounds off about Jaczko, calls on Jaczko to resign, finds him hard to believe

Osendorff: If Jaczko was a CNO at a regulated utility, his behavior would be subject to regulatory investigation for "chilled environment"

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