June 27, 2011

Carnival of Space 203

Carnival of space 203 is up at weareallintheGutter.com

Discovery News - In 2010, scientists confirmed the enigmatic Saturnian moon Enceladus possesses a sub-surface ocean of liquid water. This groundbreaking discovery was made by NASA's Cassini spacecraft currently in orbit around Saturn. Today, mission scientists have further analyzed Cassini data from various Enceladus flybys to find that it's not only a liquid water ocean; it could be salty too.

Weirdwarp also had coverage of the Salt ocean on Enceladus. The picture of the tiger stripes on Enceledus is from Weirdwarp.

This site provided two articles on the Hypermach Sonicstar Mach 3.5 supersonic business jet. The second article covered the patents for the superconducting engine for the Hypermach Sonicstar Mach 3.5 supersonic business jet.

There was also the interview of Keith Henson who is proposing combining a laser array boost to a Skylon spaceplane launch

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