August 29, 2010

DNA Nanotechnology and DNA Origami

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Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns by Paul Rothemund(Caltech) presented for the ECE550 course by Abdullah Akce [25 page pdf]

(H/T Eric Drexler at Metamodern * The cost of DNA origami is from 1,000$ to 10,000$ per nmol. The scaffold strand dominates the total cost (80%).
* The method cannot be scaled up arbitrarily
- requires scaffolds of larger size.
- sequences of staple strands should be unique.

Design of Scaffolded DNA Origami
a. the target shape
b. discrete approximation
c. hand-engineered folding path
d. staple strand geometry
e. generated staple strand DNA sequences
[synthesize the staple strands]
[mix the scaffold and staple strands]
[heating/cooling procedure]
f. the resulting shape as seen from atomic force microscope

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