March 02, 2010

Diagnostic Tests on a Piece of Paper for Pennies Per Test

The Power of a Diagnostic Lab…on a Piece of Paper Developed by George Whitesides of Harvard in a 3 page powerpoint

* The George Whitesides’ laboratory has developed diagnostic devices made from patterned paper
* Patterns direct fluid into segregated areas where different analytes are detected simultaneously
* Paper printed with polymer channels forms a cheap and portable platform for detecting biological samples

* Low cost
* Portable
* Easy to Use
* Supports Multiple Tests
* Quantitative
* No Power Required
* Rapid Results
* Simple Manufacturing Process

17 Minute TED Presentation Video

More Details from the Powerpoint


* To use technology to solve global health problems

* Establish a stand-alone company that allows us to retain control of the technology and apply to the greatest social good

* Profits above a threshold net margin will be re-channeled into R&D to develop further applications of the technology

Liver Testing is Only the Beginning

* Dehydration testing for military and athletes
* Over-the-counter body function monitoring
* Rapid disease diagnosis in rural communities
*Water quality testing


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