February 27, 2010

Sensic Super High Def Head Mounted Display

XSight Head Mounted Dispalay

The xSight is a professional headmounted display that delivers a previously-unattainable combination of panoramic field of view, high resolution and light weight. It is an ideal choice for a variety of training, simulation and design applications.

• 123° Panoramic field of view provides superb situational awareness, active peripheral vision and enhanced realism
• High resolution: accepts multiple video resolutions (1680x1050 pixels per eye recommended) for greater information content and high pixel density.
• A lightweight (400g)

Ultra Panoramic Head Mounted Display

The Sensics piSight is a professional HMD that delivers offers an unmatched combination of ultra-panoramic field of view and high resolution in a convenient, upgradeable package. It is an ideal choice for a high-end research, training, design and simulation applications.

* Binocular FOV Up to 179º
* Resolution Up to 2600x1200
* OLED Technology
* Contrast ratio >800:1
* Video format DVI
* Stereo Dual channel
* Display power <4 Watt * Power input 110/220V, * 50/60Hz 2008 Head Mounted Display Survey


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