October 26, 2009

Chinas Energy Plans for 2020 and 8% Nuclear Generation Target

China is expecting to have 1400-1500 GW of electrical generation capacity in 2020

China has announced plans to double its nuclear power generation goal from 4% to 8% of total installed power capacity by 2020. China's Ministry of Finance and its State Administration of Taxation already implemented a 15 year tax preference policy for the nation's nuclear power industry.

The 8% target would be 112 GW to 120 GW. In the past, China was talking about installed GW of power in their energy plans. 60-75 GW was 5% of planned 2020 power. 8% would proportionally be 96-120 GW.

An older projection of China electrical generation and power mix has 6000 TWh of electrical generation in 2020

8% of 6000 TWh would be 480 TWh. A lower gigawatt level of nuclear power would be needed for that level of power. The USA generates 800 TWh from 99 GWe of installed nuclear power.

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