August 08, 2008

What do you want to hear more about or see implemented ?

Which solutions do you care about most ?
Reducing CO2 from energy and transportation sources
Storing CO2 in cement or sequestering in the ground or ocean
Prevention of nuclear weapon usage
Reducing damage from nuclear and other weapons
Curing diseases (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, etc)
Effective anti-aging treatments
Poverty reduction
Starvation prevention
Peak oil solutions
Stronger economy (triple economic growth or more)
Improve humans (Safe singularity)
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Noah said...

I'd love to see more about nuclear fission/fusion advances, as well as other energy related issues.

randal.leavitt said...

fission and electricity - what is needed to use them for improved living standards world wide.

Lobo7922 said...

The poll doesnt works in google reader

Spiro said...

Another vote for more Fusion related material.

bw said...

The next major bit of news that I am expecting on fusion is when the Bussard inertial electrostatic fusion results are released for the WB7 demo.

I will work to put together more about how nuclear fission can be maximized for improved worldwide living standards and if I see any advances on advanced fission projects.