March 07, 2008

Speaking in Toronto tomorrow, 2000th post

I will be speaking at the Undergraduate nanotechnology conference tomorrow (Saturday, March 8, 2008) in Toronto, Canada

The list of speakers is here and includes Ralph Merkle, Dr Hadi Mahabadi, Dr Rboert Wolkow and myself. There are also workshop speakers.

This is my 2000th post and add some of my talk "Only Accept an Extraordinary Future: Meta-engineering a superior civilization" after the weekend.


Van said...

Thanks for the blog...I read it every day!

Marc L said...

So do I. Have a great time at the conference. Your blog is interesting to read everyday since it let's me know what will happen in the world of tomorrow. In fact, it's in my favorites.

Mike said...

Yeah, this is a great blog. Very interesting and informative.

bw said...

Just back from the conference and the winter storm in Toronto. Thanks for the appreciative comments, if you can take the time to use stumbleupon or Digg the articles that you like that would really help. Thanks.

Robert said...

Agreed...great blog Brian. I read it regularly and find it extremely interesting...keep up the good work!