March 17, 2008

IEC fusion visitor report

The latest word from the IEC fusion effort. Basically progress is being made by a dedicated team, but results will be rigorously confirmed before they are published.

A visitor to the lab reports:
The effort is very professional, the crew is made of experienced people who get their hands dirty, and progress is occurring at a rapid rate. The WB-7 vacuum chamber is a dream: stainless steel with hinged doors, large enough for a person to sit in (it would be cramped, but still). It was welded by the same guy who welded my "Carl's Jr.," a real craftsman, but EMC wanted it so fast that it couldn't even be leak-checked before coming to the lab--that was done on site. They definitely have the "balls to the wall." I brought them a BTI PND dosimeter as a little token of my appreciation for the tour and in the hopes that they get neutrons soon. I watched a video of their first plasma in helium. They've got guys working on a magnet current switching scheme and RF plasma diagnostics, among many other aspects. Parts (MaGrids) from the previous WB systems were sitting out on the office floor and were informative to look at. If I tried to describe their program in any specificity here, I'd be abusing my privilege of being a tourist in their lab. But basically, it looked to me like a vigorous and enthusiastic effort.


baley said...

hopefully they will publish the results in a peer review Journal so they can be taken seriously if the results are encouraging.

Nick Outram said...

From what I have read about this it will be THE 'Black Swan Event' of the energy world if they pull it off and with impending Peak Oil & Gas we sure need a replacement in the coming decades that will enable us to 'keep the lights on'.

This is perhaps the most important bit of small scale science currently underway?

If any of you guys can spare a moment online the world awaits the results 'with bated breath', keep up the hard work...!

ICouldBeWrong said...

Well said Nick.

We stand at a fork in the road with a choice between returning to the stone age, or advancing to the space age. But time is running out.

Our current fossil fuel based economy appears increasingly unsustainable. This polywell research is our best hope, maybe our last hope.

God bless Einstein, Farnsworth, Bussard and everyone who has contributed to the project.