February 12, 2008

Currently largest wind turbine will generate 7+ MW

The Worlds highest power wind turbine is officially rated at 6 megawatts too, but will most likely produce 7+ megawatts. (20 million kilowatt hours per year).

Chart of largest wind turbines

A 10 MW superconducting wind turbine is under development

There are larger systems like kitegen being studied.


Flagg707 said...

Amazing. Do we have any estimates on the capacity factor (most wind is under 30% - will the system allow us to get more mileage, as it were) and maintenance requirements?

bw said...

I do not believe that this slightly bigger system has much difference in capacity factor or maintenance requirements versus a 3MW or 5MW system. There are other approaches where the improved wind system can be placed into stronger winds which have a theoretical increase from 30-45% or like the kitegen where the system can operate at high altitudes (800 -3000 meters) where there are more consistent winds and where the kites can drop to lower altitude when the higher ones get too strong thus maintaining more consistent wind gathering.