January 16, 2008

This site has its own domain. has its own domain and become All of the old links should repoint to the corresponding one in the new site. Let me know if there are any problems in comments to this post.

UPDATE: If you have been kind enough to have advancednano in your blogroll, kindly repoint to the new domain Although the old link still works, when you get around to it adjust to the new URL.

The topics that I cover are the same where I cover the social, business and technical developments that will have the biggest impact on our civilization and the future course of our civilization.

Tracking progress to the future, future technology and especially advanced nanotechnology, nuclear and energy technology, quantum computers, life extension, space technology and AI. Proposing and tracking the best societal and technical choices to the next big things.


bedlymite said...

What's the advantage of having your own website rather than external hosting?

bw said...

I believe there are advantages for search engine optimization and for improved traffic.

Other blogs that got their own domains have seen significant traffic improvement.

bedlymite said...

Oh, well I hope that strategy works. I was merely curious, keep up the yearly predictions. That is the best part.