January 03, 2008

SENS covered in mainstream Economist magazine

The mainstream Economist magazine has extensive coverage of aging and life extension with a primary focus on the SENS strategy for life extension. The Economist article believes that SENS is a credible and plausible approach and thinks it has a chance of significant success.

They also cover the Methuselah Mouse prize


Anonymous said...

not enough people comment on your blog. This has become one of my favorites, perhaps better than (because they have few new articles) and close to the quality of futurepundit. Keep it up.

Sigma said...

^I agree! :) Keep the articles coming!

One of the firsts websites I visit in the morning.

bw said...

I appreciate the support.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your top ten list at the end of the year. If you read kurzweil ai the news items repeat themselves. i guess i like closure and less speculation and vague wording. The news items for technologies are almost never written by those developing it. That would be novel.