January 21, 2008

EEstor ultracapacitor system expected for mid-2008

Lockheed has signed an exclusive international license to use EEStor's power system for military and homeland-security applications--everything from advanced remote sensors and missile systems to mobile power packs and electric vehicles.

Zenn motors is now expecting delivery of the energy-storage unit in mid-2008. It will be a mass-produced commercial product.


Jonathan said...

The article says that not even Lockheed has seen a demonstration of the technology yet. There sure is a lot of speculation for something that hasn't even been demonstrated to work yet.

DV8 2XL said...

What I would love to see is ultracapacitors coupled with Zebra batteries in an electric vehicle. I can't think of two power storage technologies as suited to one another.

In combination the performance and endurance would be competitive with internal combustion powered cars.