December 13, 2007

35mpg CAFE for 2020

Stripped down energy bill likely to pass

An energy bill that would require cars and light trucks to have 35 mpg efficiency in 2020 is likely to pass. They failed to remove 13.5 billion in tax subsidies for oil and gas companies.


Jonathan said...

Sounds like pretty pathetic legislation to me.

bw said...

True the legislation is weak, but even this is barely passing.

It is better than the 27/22 mpg that we currently have mandated. Hopefully, things will tighten up more in 2009..depending upon how things shift in 2008 or if the California lawsuits can force mpg up fo about half of the States and population of the USA.

Sigma said...

Hopefully with the current Auto X-prize and the fact that people are leaning towards more fuel efficient cars, we will see legislation that far exceeds this standard soon.

Aptera anyone?