November 13, 2007

DC-based futurists and analysts pick top 12 areas for innovation by 2025

DC-based research and consulting firm Social Technologies released a series of 12 briefs on their top 12 areas for high impact technology innovation through 2025.

1. Personalized medicine [I agree and have covered personal genomics ]
2. Distributed energy (DE) [Here I think nuclear energy has more potential]
3. Pervasive computing [Fully realizing smart phone and wireless device potential]
4. Nanomaterials [I have written about new carbon nanotube factories and a lot on "active nanosystems", all of the advanced nanotechnology for which my site is named]
5. Biomarkers for health [I have been writing about my proposals for widespread biomarker tracking and part 2 of the biomarker proposal]
6. Biofuels [A bridging technology where electrification of transportation is delayed or less suitable]
7. Advanced manufacturing [rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, reel to reel systems, nanofactories]
8. Universal water [I have been covering desalination]
9. Carbon management [Shifting to lower carbon technology like nuclear power and wind power would be better than sequestering]
10. Engineered agriculture [I have been covering aquaculture, genetic engineering for crops, stem cell meat factories, and high rise green houses]
11. Security and tracking [I have tracked advancing imaging technology, surveillance technology, gigapixels, terapixels, sensors, spectrum analysis, lidar, persistent monitoring, RFIDs etc...]
12. Advanced transportation [I have covered electric bikes and scooters, platooning of vehicles, dual mode transportation, electric cars, high efficiency vehicles, advanced truck and diesel systems, transitioning from oil etc...]


Al Fin said...

Interesting list.

I think they would do better just by reading your blog and voting a "top 12 innovations " from among the many dozens you regularly report on.

Howie G said...

You have to admit that man made global warming is not a threat and that more CO2 is good for plants, see and have fun.

bw said...

I know that the linkage between man made global warming gases and global warming is not conclusive. This is not relevant to me other than enough people believe it and there are different (political) choices being made because of the fear of global warming.

I deduce what will happen:
1. I believe the Lieberman/Warner climate change bill or something like it will pass probably in 2009.
2. The energy source mix will shift. More nuclear and renewables and less air pollution. Air pollution clearly kills 3 million/year around the world and 60,000/year in the USA.

I think the shift to nuclear and renewables and out of coal over the 30 years will be a good thing.

I think more CO2 increases certain plant growth (and pollen) which contributes to increased allergies and asthma.

CO2 is less relevant to me than particulates, flyash, mercury, arsenic, SOX, NOX, toxic metals etc... But if CO2 is the villain that generates action on their others then great.