November 09, 2007

The 28 qubit adiabatic quantum computer chip [PIC]

This is what the 28 qubit adiabatic quantum computer chip looks like

The chip used D-Wave compound Josephson junction couplers.

Note: The picture is from the Dwave Systems CTO blog. It is a shiny chip. I do not believe it to be in any way a fake photo.


exostratics said...

This has to be a bad graphical rendering of the actual chip.... right?

John said...

This picture appears to be a cartoon (i.e. - a powerpoint rendition) and not a real chip itself. Very disappointing.

bw said...

It is the picture of the chip from the Dwave systems Gordie Rose (CTO) blog

Anonymous said...

D-Wave are a bunch of scammers. Quantum computing will remain 50 to 100 years in the future.

bw said...

I disagree. I do not think Dwave is scamming.
1. They already have the VC money. The VCs are the only ones who could have been scammed, but the money was paid before the announcements.
2. they have well known professors from Harvard and other places working with them. They would only benefit if this works out
3. Dwave only really benefits if they are able to sell services to client companies which actually delivery faster performance
4. Even if adiabatic computers and dwave's approach has issues. There are still a dozen other approaches to quantum computers like trapped ion and electron bubble which are also close.