October 11, 2007

Suggestions for optimizing IQ test performance

Suggestions on how to optimize performance on an IQ test

Let the “experts” argue about whether you can boost IQ or not, in any absolute sense. If you slept well, exercised, then sat up straight and breathed deeply as you took the test, don’t you think you would score a few points higher on an intelligence quotient test? More importantly, wouldn’t you be better prepared for whatever mental tasks you faced?


Anonymous said...

Such tests is not about intelgent, but about knowleges, I don't believe in such tests no more than 1%... becouse all human inteligent is roughly the same, is sombody brain will be 10 times bigger then I to him will be like dog or chimp is to me... Such human must be have Titan body, becouse need 10 times more energy for brain 200W and he probably will not think faster, but will be able to remeber more things and don't forget them...