June 15, 2007

Cheaper fabbers and 3d scanners

A desktop fabrication factory for $5000

The Desktop Factory 3D printer, which has a list price of $4,995, uses an inexpensive halogen light source and drum printing technology to build robust parts layer by layer from composite plastic powder. The cost of the build material is expected to be about $1 per cubic inch. The maximum build volume of the initial product will be 5 x 5 x 5 inches. The thickness of each layer is 0.010 inch.

Next Engine has a $2495 3d scanner with 0.005 inch accuracy

3d scanner

Canon will have a $9900 V-flash desktop modeler.

Hat tip to Karl Schroeder

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al fin said...

Very interesting. This is a good start for personal fabbers.

Multi-material fabbers will be next, and as the resolution and potential complexity of the products increases, progress will be made from the opposite direction.

Fabbing software will have to keep pace with the hardware. I suspect we will see a renaissance in analog computing as desktop fabbing comes to imitate biological fabbing.