May 07, 2007

Stable, high capacity rechargeable lithium batteries created

Double charge (greater than 250 mAh/g) stable rechargable lithium ion batteries created The technology is based on a new material for the positive electrode that is comprised of a unique nano-crystalline, layered-composite structure. In addition, by focusing on manganese-rich systems, instead of the more expensive cobalt and nickel versions of lithium batteries, overall battery cost is reduced. In larger batteries, the technology could be used in the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.


svante said...

mAh is not a measure of energy, it is a measure of charge... this seems like a promising discovery, but to be able to assess its capacity, we also need to know the voltage - but maybe that is known to all as a universal constant?

shinigami said...

Strictly speaking you are right, but it is usual that people are looking at mAhs, because the voltage of similar bateries is nearly the same. And because they talk about the change of electrode structure it doesn't seem to bring change of voltage.