March 12, 2007

Other uses for metamaterials

Making a negative-index material that works for visible light is more difficult, because the building blocks have to be much smaller--no bigger than 10 to 20 nanometers. That's now very possible to achieve, however, and several groups are working on it. If it can be done, these metamaterials could be used to increase the amount of information stored on CDs and DVDs or to speed up transmission and reduce power consumption in fiber-optic telecommunications.

We can also concentrate electro­magnetic fields--the exact opposite of what the cloak does--which might be valuable in energy-harvesting applications. With a suitable metamaterial, we could concentrate light coming from any direction--you wouldn't need direct sunlight. Right now we're trying to design structures like this. If we could achieve that for visible light, it could make solar power more efficient.


Sigma said...

The use of metamaterials for energy production seems to be a shoe in! I was wondering if it would be possible to create a metamaterial that bends almost all ambient energy including Terahertz... something like that could really help the worlds energy supply.

Sigma said...

BTW, Brian have you had a chance to check out the STAIF 2007 papers? A lot of breakthrough research is being conducted behind the scenes! China is on track to be the first to harness the power of HFGWs(High Frequency Gravity Waves)for propulsion, communication, and energy production.

You may also want to check out the work of Dr. Fabrizio Pinto who is currently working on nanotechnology to exploit the vacuum.

bw said...

Is there an online source for viewing the STAIF 2007 papers ?

In terms of using metamaterials to enhance energy capture, we have to be able to do it in a cost effective way. This (cost effectiveness) could be an issue now as we learn to make metamaterials and where using them is at the edge of our knowledge. In should not be an issue as we transition to better nanoscale control and molecular nanotechnology.

I would like to see more solid proof of gravity control/shielding and for vacuum energy. Clever uses of more mundane non-controversial physics (laser mirrors) are more easily projected.

sigma said...

Normally the papers cost money to acquire, however American Antigravity owner was at this year's STAIF so he has many interviews with the presenters and write-ups, as well as a few recordings of the presentations. So got to
and look at the video clip section and feature articles for the last 3-4 days and you should find most of the material.

Also this is probably the best write-up because it includes small descriptions on each of the presentations(related to gravity and energy research):

Hope this helps!