March 20, 2007

Nasa Institute of Advanced Concepts may be shutdown by August, 2007

NASA will likely shut down its Institute for Advanced Concepts, which funds research into futuristic ideas in spaceflight and aeronautics in August 2007 unless there is budgetary change. I hope they do not shutdown the NIAC because it is doing fantastic work.


Sigma said...

If they official announce it, I will personally write up a petition to stop them. First they got rid of the Breakthough Propulsion research lab, now they want to get rid of the DARPA equivalent NIAC... when will it end? If anything they should be increasing by a factor of ten.

Anonymous said...

I have made a few comments in the opposing dierction over at If NASA is to withdrawn funding, what is there to say about funding NIAC (or IAC) with private funding?


bw said...

I have also commented over at
I think a combo of private sponsors and grassroots membership could be sufficient.

To get the budget changed, I think a petition is less effective than encouraging individuals to write and/or contact their congressman or senator