February 20, 2007

More on the most powerful magnets

A pulsed magnet reached 87.8 tesla The Earth’s magnetic field is one twenty thousandth of (.00005) of a tesla.

The united states national magnet labs (Gainesville - University of Florida, Los Alamos - LANL, Tallahassee - Florida State University) have most of the most powerful magnets in the world.

- The 45 tesla world-record hybrid magnet, which produces the highest
field of any continuous field magnet in the world.

- 60 tesla long pulse magnet (2 second pulse.)

- 35 tesla world record resistive magnet (Florida-Bitter design)
- 25 tesla, wide-bore magnet for magnetic resonance research
- 14.5 tesla, shielded superconducting magnet for ICR —
the highest field ICR magnet in the world
830 MHz (megahertz) spectrometer for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR),
with a 19.6 tesla superconducting magnet
900 MHz, 21.1 tesla ultra-wide bore NMR magnet — giving researchers
the largest experimental space to date

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