January 30, 2007

Military defense may get a step up on offense

There are two developing technologies.

The millimeter radiation system for Active denial. The pain beam. It works out to 500+ meters. They are talking deployment in 2010. They are already in various field trials.

I wrote about theHPM (High Power Microwave) pulses--powerful enough to destroy enemy electronics--can be produced without the need for explosives or huge electrical generators. They are talking systems in the terawatt range to fry navy ships and 100 gigawatts to take out cruise missiles.

They could also make better sensor system on a fighter-size aircraft that could generate enough power, with a 1-ft. resolution, to see stealthy objects at 100 miles.

If Russia and China and other military powers can see through US stealth then a big US advantage will go away.

The next link talks about petawatt power, blowing apart protein molecules in a coluomb explosion.

So some observations and questions:
1. If the active denial system power was boosted. by say US, Russia and China (or any other major country) then it would easily be a longer range death to the unshielded beam. This would be a hinderance and would bog down attacking forces. If military personal in planes, on the ground have to be constantly shielded they will be slower. Can planes fly with the necessary shielding? Can high power versions of the active denial systems get enough range.

2. Combining the anti-electronics and anti-personal beams from large shielded ground installations combined with stealth defeating sensors would shift the balance of power significantly back towards defense. It is easier to make heavy beam shielding than it is to make it mobile for flight or vehicles.
I believe Russia and China are about as advanced as the US in terms of microwaves and millimeter wave technology. The Russians in the cold war were ahead in the high powered version.
I think the Chinese ability to hit the GPS satellites, possibly soon be able to see through stealth and these new beam technologies would mean that the aspects of recent significant US domination would be taken away. Fights against Russia and China would now be even more less likely to happen because they would be even longer slower slogs in the initial phases.

Human directed fighters and unmanned UAVS would both be vulnerable to one of the two beams How much can the effective range of the beams be increased ?

3. What happens in the molecular nanotechnology (MNT) world ? If you make bigger and more efficient beam projection arrays.
Could the right frequencies be manipulated to spot any MNT built UAVs. Could the MNT UAVs get hardened against the radiations?
Could the beams be used to detect and slow any MNT UAV attack to protect nuclear or some other deterrence. How would the nuclear electronics get protected to get payload to target?


Anonymous said...

Please post more ways to shield against this weapon.

I have been attacked with the space based version of the active denial system weapon and have not found a way to shield the 95 Gigahertz beam and have been using a grounded cage of Faraday and aluminum foil studio, led, steel wool, a fire proof safe and lately I have used wet towels which encounters the heating of the epidermis (skin) of the victim.

In the cage of Faraday the attacks do not feel as painful as outside the Faraday cage but shielding against the cancer U M T S radiation is more important since all tests show a cancer risk increase with a factor 4 in people living within 350 meters from a cancer U M T S antenna mast.

I do not believe Raytheons story that their weapon would not be a torture weapon nor that it would be harmless (it gives people a skin rash which is miss-diagnosed by doctors as a form of non contagious sebhorreic eczema for which an emulsion was described that did not relieve the symptoms caused by the 95 Gigahertz beam at all).

Electro shock is still going on in some sick countries and M R I scans have shown Electro Convulsive electroshock Therapy always gives brain damage, so blow up those sick shrinks.

I know their beam is very harmful, gives skin cancer and they are lying about it like they are lying about the Taser electro-shock weapons that killed many people.

1 in 3 people has cancer.
The rise in the amount of lung-cancer cases since 91 is synchronous with the roll out of the cancer G S M network in stead of the chicken wire cage of Faraday mesh roll-out.

The oldest woman in the world was a smoker (miss Calment).
Cannabis cured tumors in people according to D N A research you will find on:
The cancer G S M lung cancer increase is covered up by your local government by printing 'smoking kills' on the packages of super light cigarettes because THEY KNOW T H C BLOCKS TUMORS FROM SPROUTING BY BLOCKING V E G F, so the tumors die. They are killing the tax payers deliberately with the tax payers own money as part of global 2000 and call it 'population control' in stead of mass murder.
They spread cancer barium chemtrails deliberately which absorbs the cancer U M T S radiation which is used to do R N M, remote neural monitoring (to read peoples minds in lay-mens terms) see Brown patent (remotely monitoring a persons bio electric field which contains people E K G, E E G and E M G (muscle) Malech Patent (remotely altering peoples brain waves) and Hatayama patent (control of emotions).

See. Depleted Uranium from Iraq reached Europe headline.
The atomic weapons agency or something measured a higher amount of nuclear cancer-radiation than ever before in human history.

They are also blocking the from the consumer market.
16 kilograms of grain are needed to 'produce'1 kilogram of bloody hormone meat. It is impossible to get all the blood out of the meat so the meat eaters are the real useless eaters responsible for the death of 11 children that die each minute in this world of hunger:

Shielding against the cancer U M T S radiation is more important than shielding against their A D S 95 gigahertz skin burning beam if Raytheons claims that the beam would be harmless would be proven true however.

For better info: