January 19, 2007

Big News: Quantum computer demo dates announced

Dwave Systems has fixed the dates for the demo of their Orion quantum computing system. They are going to hold two events, one at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California on February 13th, and the second at the Telus World of Science in Vancouver, Canada on February 15th.

This 16 qubit system is the beginning of commercially usable and useful quantum computers.

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More advanced quantum computers that will follow on the heels of this will have their biggest impact in enabling the rapid advancement of our control and understanding of the quantum world and the ability to solve new problems that we were not able to before. Large scale quantum simulations could rapidly drive advancement towards molecular nanotechnology.

The new age of large scale commercial quantum computers will be a high impact enabling thing.


Jonathan said...

yeah, i have been waiting for this announcement for months now. very exciting.

Sharene said...

Brian: I very much enjoy reading your BLOG. You focus on all the right things and this is one of them. Keep it up. I am still somewhat skeptical of what D-Wave is doing because it seems a bit too simple for others with more intellectual and financial capital to not be doing it also if there's something to it. We should know by the end of the year if this is the beginning of a major revolution in computing. I hope it is.

bw said...

Thanks for the compliment Sharene. If you look at some of my past articles, I reference some research papers that discuss the scalability of this type of analog quantum computer. It seems like it should easily go to several hundred qubits. Certainly Dwave can easily make 8X8, 16X16, 32X32 arrays.
As you point out we hopefully will see 8X8 by the end of the year.

Also, trapped ion and several other approaches to quantum computers are maturing quickly as well in case this approach stumbles. Or Dwave messes up on execution. I expect Dwave to get a lot more funding this year. Mainly government wanting to make a large scale system.

Levon Davtyan said...

Quantum computer a dream,... a reality. I will be very interested to know more about this research team and the results.