September 24, 2006

From Dwave Gordie Rose via reader Jonathan Pugh

From the comments of the dwave blog

Jonathan - September 21, 2006
Can you give an estimate of:
1) release date
2) qubits utilized on release date

Geordie - September 23, 2006

1) first public demo of the technology some time in Q4/2006

2) the demo will either use a 16- or a 64-qubit chip - which we use will be determined after completing some tests in October.

The first demo has as its objective a demonstration of what the machine is designed to do; we’re going to run a couple of applications on it. It’s not supposed to be faster than conventional methods, but the approach is eminently scalable; in a relatively short period of time (at least on the problem type it’s designed for) nothing else will be able to compete with it.

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