March 05, 2006

other tech/ related tech: Solar panels improving and getting cheaper

A discussion of advances in solar panels is here. The industry needs to get its price down to about $0.52 per watt (cost $0.26) to achieve installed price of under a $1.00/W, (for 13% efficiency Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide / CIGS panels).

Daystar Technology may be reaching $3.00-$3.50/W installed price in 2007 with their Gen II production if everything goes right. They are achieving 20% efficiency in the laboratory. Daystar plans on reducing its installed price to the range of $1.00/W when its Gen III production is tuned up in 2009.

A south African group is getting its cost down to $1.66/watt, which would be about $3-3.50 installed

A comparison of solar cell technology


Hal said...

Look at and you will see that contrary to the conventional wisdom, retail prices per watt of solar cells stopped decreasing about two years ago, and have been on an upslope ever since.

bw said...

Hi Hal

Thanks for website reference. The cost of solar cells increasing for a while is a supply and demand problem. Because of high oil and gas prices there is increased solar cell demand. I think as new solar cell capacity is brought on line then prices will drop again. And especially as the new tech is ramped up. I think it is kind of like the fluctuation in DRAM prices for computers. Sometimes it goes up in price but overall it is trending down.