October 24, 2014

Tesla has sold fifty thousand model S electric cars

The Tesla Model S sold its 50,000th car almost as fast as the far cheaper Nissan Leaf

The Tesla S has starting price of $70,000-plus and compare that the Leaf's base MSRP is just a bit over $30,000 before its 2013 price cut.

Nissan sold its 50,000th Leaf a total of two years and two months after introducing the EV to dealerships.

The Model

10 Teraflops per FGPA chip and 100 GFlops per watt

Altera Corporation is a pioneer of programmable logic solutions and enabling systems. They are a leader with FPGAs.

The field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is a semiconductor device that can be programmed after manufacturing. Instead of being restricted to any predetermined hardware function, an FPGA allows you to program product features and functions, adapt to new standards, and reconfigure hardware for specific applications even after the product has been installed in the field—hence the name "field-programmable". You can use an FPGA to implement any logical function that an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) could perform, but the ability to update the functionality after shipping offers advantages for many applications.

Altera has the Industry’s Highest Performance FPGAs and SoCs

Ground breaking HyperFlex architecture
2x the core performance of prior generation high-performance FPGAs
Over 10 TeraFLOPs of single-precision floating-point DSP performance
over 4x processor data throughput of prior-generation SoCs

Stratix 10 FPGAs offer the most power-efficient technologies

* 70% lower power than prior generation high-end FPGAs and SoCs
* 100 GFlops per Watt of single-precision floating point efficiency

In theory, 10 thousand Stratix FPGA chips could provide 1 petaflop of peak performance using only 10 kilowatts of power.

Altera applies trigate transistor technology to FPGAs.

In February 2013, Altera and Intel Corporation jointly announced that the next generation of Altera’s highest performance FPGA products would be produced using Intel’s 14 nm 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology exclusively. This makes Altera the exclusive major FPGA provider of the most advanced, highest performance semiconductor technology available.

China plans to have 95% broadband coverage by 2015 at 20-100 Mbps

Kitty Fok, IDC China Managing Director, talked about “Broadband China” project and Chinese government’s strategy to support local integrated-circuit (IC) industry.

* The 13th Five-Year Plan, starting in the Year of the Monkey (2016), will emphasize connectivity. The company aims to control more than 10% of the worldwide market by 2018.

* By the end of the Year of the Goat (2015), China aims to have 95% of the country wired for broadband, including rural areas and the 10 largest cities.

* By the end of 2017 China should have one billion smartphone users.

* Annual smartphone and tablet sales will be around 600 million and annual PC and laptop sales will be about 60 million

Russia and Iran take double hits from lower oil prices and sanctions

West Texas Intermediate Crude oil is at $81 per barrel. Brent crude oil is at $86 per barrel. Previously there up in the $105-115 per barrel range. Prices a few years ago were as high as $130 per barrel.

Iran and Russia are particularly hammered by lower oil prices. Both have sanctions placed on their ability to trade oil. Those sanctions lower the price that they can get for oil even more than the lower market price.

Only six buyers are still allowed to take crude from Iran - - China, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and Taiwan -- down from 21 before the restrictions went into effect in mid-2012.

Saudi Arabia also has very low costs for its oil production. Saudi Arabia can take the long view and let lower oil prices eventually reduce higher cost oil production.

In Depth and Detailed Analysis about the Future at Nextbigfuture

Reddit can be useful. It does promote content, although their main function is to have on Reddit discussions about other internet content.

Various sub-reddits behave differently and have different people running them.

However, the systems are inherently biased.

The subreddits will gain their popularity using the content of certain websites but then they will choose to turn upon them for a different selection of content.

The Science subreddit chose to switch to more science journal content. Reddit and the subreddits have their own audience and they are free to choose how they run their site.

Reddit Futurology False Accusations

Reddit Futurology moderators have claimed that Nextbigfuture tweeted out reddit links for vote manipulation.

Previously there was a link on my blogroll to reddit which had the domain results for nextbigfuture.

Readers could go down the nextbigfuture results and support nextbigfuture articles that appeared on reddit.

This link has now been removed because apparently having fans that actually would do that is a bad thing.

Also, my personal reddit account named nextbigfuture (I was not hiding anything) is stealth banned at Reddit, so I cannot defend myself there.

I would also note that the four month Reddit Futurology ban happened to coincide with my posting an article which linked directly to Reddit in support of the Indiegogo campaign for LPP Fusion. Nextbigfuture supports the actual funding of future technology. I was then notified via google+ comment that was not cool and there are apparently over a dozen rules of Reddit about what you are and are not supposed to do. Plus there are unwritten rules, soft bans and shadow bans.

So now readers of nextbigfuture like the one above are submitting nextbigfuture titles with a link to the first of 8 links in my article. It was the primary topic.

Graphene Sensors from DARPA will be used to understand Brain from the neurons on up

New technology funded by DARPA’s RE-NET program enables monitoring and stimulation of neurons using optical and electronic methods simultaneously

Understanding the anatomical structure and function of the brain is a longstanding goal in neuroscience and a top priority of President Obama’s brain initiative. Electrical monitoring and stimulation of neuronal signaling is a mainstay technique for studying brain function, while emerging optical techniques—which use photons instead of electrons—are opening new opportunities for visualizing neural network structure and exploring brain functions. Electrical and optical techniques offer distinct and complementary advantages that, if used together, could offer profound benefits for studying the brain at high resolution. Combining these technologies is challenging, however, because conventional metal electrode technologies are too thick (over 500 nm) to be transparent to light, making them incompatible with many optical approaches.

DARPA has created a proof-of-concept tool that demonstrates much smaller, transparent contacts that can measure and stimulate neural tissue using electrical and optical methods at the same time.

Conventional metal electrode technologies (top left) are opaque, obstructing views of underlying neural tissue. DARPA’s RE-NET program has developed new graphene sensors that are electrically conductive but only 4 atoms thick—hundreds of times thinner than current contacts (top middle). Their extreme thinness enables nearly all light to pass through across a wide range of wavelengths. Placed on a flexible plastic backing that conforms to the shape of tissue (bottom), the sensors are part of a proof-of-concept tool that demonstrates much smaller, transparent contacts that can measure and stimulate neural tissue using electrical and optical methods at the same time (top right).

Nature Communications - Graphene-based carbon-layered electrode array technology for neural imaging and optogenetic applications